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Posted by Roachfreak101 on 5/21/2004, 3:17 am


Hi all: There is still time to get your guesses in at the ROACHDOMAIN "name that roach" contest which runs till the end of this month, just click on "contest page" on the main page to enter.

I am in the process of upddating the site with new fonts, sign my guestbook or e/mail me and tell me what you think of the changes.

Please visit the news & updates page to check on all the lates updates, changes, and new roaches soon to be available, just click on the "news & updates" button on the main page.

On the books page I have a new section on Invertebrates magazine, please visit to see all the issues I have along with the allpet roachbook, and other bug books.

On Special till the end of this month:

BLACK HISSERS $5.00 each buy two get one free!

SKUNK ROACHES $12.00 per dozen.

PEPPERED ROACHES $5.00 each, buy two get one free!

Thank you!

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