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Attaching Flex Watt Heat Tape

Robo Roach

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I have been using Zoo med UTH for my Dubias, but know that the temps are getting colder i have decided to use an 11'' Flex watt heat tape on a 20L tank and would like to know the best way to attach it to the bottom. Any advice would be appreciated.

Regards :unsure:

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OMG! Heat tape is so amazing! I was using zoo med UTH for a while and they worked just fine : ). My collection grew and all those cords aren't to safe. Though I had seen these traumatic fire videos....After much reaserch and discussion . I realized with the proper set up (thermostat ect) I would try it. Though spontanious electrical fires do happen ! It's rare but yes they happen. With a close eye I was comftorble to try it out. I am happy I did. I laced it through a metal industrial rack with some silver tape. One cord yay mess gone! I will post photographs later. It's simple and I've had great luck with it.

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