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Random Cockroach Facts: Could Use Your Help!

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I made this account sometime in May, and I have an endless supply of random facts and trivia involving cockroaches. Obviously I can't presume them all to be true, despite the fact that most of them are from reputable entomologists and my collection of old bug-related books and magazines. I'm not just trying to pimp my site here, but I really could use a couple of Followers (you have to Follow the account in order to view the content) to help kind-of "moderate" the content to make sure it's accurate, and maybe even contribute?

The whole point of the Twitter account (if Twitter can have a point) is to post short facts about roaches which may be completely random. Here are a few examples of posts I've made in the past:

- Cockroach ears, called subgenual organs, are located in the knee joints.

- Most cockroaches are unlike the majority of insects in that their exoskeleton is coated not with a waxy layer but a greasy one.

- Some paleontologists refer to the Carboniferous period as the "Age of Cockroaches". Roaches have hardly changed since then.

- We are TRUE omnivores - herbivores, carnivores and cannibals.

- The primary stimulus on the cerci that elicits me to turn and escape is wind, generated by a predator’s lunge.

+60 other posts so far.

The goal is to educate people, so obviously I want what I post to be as accurate as possible! And I'm always rearin' to learn new facts about roaches, so if you have some short 'n sweet factoids to share with me, please do :)

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Somehow this tread sounds familiar to me :D !

I do not twitter and therefore I'm not gonna write in there but I put in my cents here:

Last example: Not only the breath but even the 'wind' YOU produce when trying to step on a roach is enough to trigger the 'run away reflex' ;) . And that is also the case for bird wings and many other 'winds' (subtlest air drafts) predators produce.

Do you accidentally understand German? Cause there is a really smashing docu movie available online (even only LOOKING at it can be interesting)!

Link-collection is on the HP of a friend from whom I got many of my roaches: CLICK



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- Some paleontologists refer to the Carboniferous period as the "Age of Cockroaches". Roaches have hardly changed since then.

I'm fairly certain that back then the cockroaches were really Protocockroaches since they hadn't diverged yet and still had the external ovipositor. I’d like to help you out more but I don’t use Twitter…

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