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Brachypelma smithi


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After her most recent molt, I moved "Charlotte" from her 4" cube into a 5gal. cube. I used about three inches of coco coir and she's digging to China in it! She went to the back corner behind her cholla wood and dug straight down to the bottom. Then she started digging horizontally, along the whole back on the bottom. Should I be worried about her "tunnel" collapsing on her? If so, what's the solution? She seems comfy in there. Food response is fantastic. Need some advice on this one.

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How big is she? If it was a 1" T I might be a little worried but if she's a good 3" then there's nothing to worry about.

She's about 2" after her last shed. The tunnel now moves horizontally, underground about 6" along the back. Seems to be holding its shape. I'll get a pic and post it tomorrow.

She charged out and grabbed her roach on the surface today. She's a very aggressive feeder. At least compared to my other one and other T's I've had in the past. I feed her relatively small roaches every other day or so. She hits them so hard and fast. Its cool to watch.

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I have a Theraphosa sp. "Burgundy" that did this soon after I upgraded it to a ten gallon, recently. I had built a little shelter of cork bark, supported by rocks as I put the cage together in preparation. I made a small start of a tunnel underneath it and she took to it immediately and then proceeded to burrow out two additional entrances at the end of tunnels going opposite directions. I don't see her much, but I know she's comfortable too.

I don't think you need to worry about the tunnel collapsing and hurting your B. smithi. If you had some rocks or other unsupported "furniture" in the cage it might be a concern, but the substrate sounds light and shallow.

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