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Sullie Eggs!


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My little female sulcata laid 7 eggs for me last night. Last year, around this time, she laid three, but all were infertile. She's still on the small side for breeding, but hopefully I'll have some fertility this year.



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I've got a question, how do you know if they are fertile or not? Do you just let them grow for a while then candle them like a chicken? I have a few reptiles in the past but I’ve never bred them.

There are several signs. You should see "chalking" in the first week or so. Within a month or so, you should be able to see some vascularization and a darker spot (embryo) when you candle them. I'm no expert though. I don't have a proper "candling" light, so I'm just using a little flashlight. The eggs are dirty, and I'm just not sure if I'm seeing the right stuff or not.

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Success! My first pip. 12 years in the making. Just found it this evening. It should be out of the egg in a day or two.


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