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N. rhombifolia ooth hatching info!


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I pulled out 3 ooths from my primary colony of N. rhombifolia to see if they'd hatch at room temp (67-72). I kept the humidity pretty high (part of the paper towel they were on molded up a little.) After about 2 months, they finally hatched. (The others, kept at nearly 90 degrees, hatched possibly 2-3 weeks after being laid!) There are quite a few babies (only 2 ooths have hatched so far) and I believe the other ooth will hatch soon too.

I know many people are having trouble with this species; my best advice is to warm up the adults to increase production and keep the humidity very high.

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Ugh! Now you guys are making me want to try them! Knock it off will ya?! I've got enough species. Well, I guess there always room for one more... or two or three... I did just build six new bins to have around as extras...

Great experiment. Thanks for posting that.

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