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Mealworm Beetle Mites


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Some time ago I had some mite problem in the mealworm beetles box. They were thousands and were all over the place and the furniture. I had to throw everything away. Here are some photos and movie clips. Enjoy ;)








I can't find how to post youtube clips, but here are the links. I would apreciate if someone would edit these two clips ;)

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Hi radu

Quite a 'hairy' story :D ... these mites look weird and seem to be relatively big sized. Thanks for the pictures and the cool clips (really interesting)!

Sometimes it's not necessary to throw everything away: Either the mites run out of food (which makes then run around everywhere in search of some) or keep them very dry for 1-2 weeks (well... they will search for water....). So if the weather allows it, put the box outside or use something to prevent the mites from leaving the box (like a baking plate full of soap-water underneath it).



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