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Blatta lateralis Escapees

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I've found a couple baby lateralis OUTSIDE the bin in the last couple of days. Sides are smooth and clean. Screens are fine and intact. Complete hot glue seal around the screens. The bin is very crowded with babies, but the lid stays on unless I'm feeding them. I put a vaseline layer around the rim today. Any idea how they are getting out? Any ideas for catching up any escapees, that I might NOT have seen? Dead or alive. How about one of those glue based roach motels? Anybody else use these as a precaution?

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I noticed you're in SoCal. The ones you find out of your cage are probably wild ones. We have a pretty hefty population of them here in central and southern california.

Well anything is possible, but I've never seen any cockroach of any species out here at the ranch. There are B. orientalis in some of the nearby neighborhoods, but nothing out at the ranch. These that I'm seeing are tiny little babies that are the same size as my current babies and only in my hot, humid roach room.

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