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how to vent my new bins :)


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I got my new bins yesterday and i love them. These are for most species that i just want to keep as "collector" colonies and keep small. The large bins are 190 oz round deli cups and at 6 inches tall and 9.75 inches wide they are very impressive. The smaller bins are standard large 32 oz delis with poly fabric "insect lids" (for really tiny species). I am wondering how i should vent the large ones? They have no holes right now so i was hoping to get some of that micro screening from Matt K for 5 or 10 of them and the rest ill use standard screen. I don't want to cut holes in the sides because i want to be able to see in without any problems. As for the tops they are crystal clear and i don't want to cut the hole to big. I was thinking of 4 equally spaced 1 inch holes or a single centered 2 inch square hole. I'm planning on building a rack system so there will be adequate airflow because the shelf i'm using is 3 feet deep and if i stack them the back ones will get no air circulation. Also does anyone know if hot glue will warp or melt these delis? Zypher i saw that you used these any opinion/pros cons ?

I attached a couple ideas laid out with pieces of paper on top of one lid.

The first is the 2 inch square single vent and the second is 4 one inch square vents laid out kind of equally.

I'm very excited to get this done and get my new bugs in them and happy.




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