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Hisser jousting


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Male hisser headbutting/jousting behavior. The video isn't the best, it was taken with my phone, but it does illustrate the behavior well. They have been at it for around and hour...these two males often fight over the four females available.

View My Video

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Gotta love it. :)

It's interesting to see how the technique varies by genus; Aeluropoda seem to like quicker matches with the actual head-butting lasting for about 10 seconds, followed by a short break, then another match or two, etc. Gromphadorhina seem to tend to mash at each other with short bursts. Elliptorhina seem to be a little more peaceful overall.

It's all really awesome. :D

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It is a bit entertaining. When I used to have my hisser colony, I would play with the alpha male by pushing on his pronotum with my finger and he'd rear up and push back. It was funny. I wish I'd gotten a video of it. :P

Hah, that would be amusing. :)

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