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Is this a suitable roach staple?


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With my past colony I just used the roach chow that came with the kit, but since I'm just getting roaches today, I was wondering if these fish pellets are a suitable staple. I made sure to crush the green cichlid pellets to some degree, and added a little chicken layer. It's around 36% protein, and other than the chicken layer the label doesn't state anything about calcium. Is that too much protein?

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as long as you mix in some fruit in there is should be fine

Sure thing. A little calcium isn't bad, right? The food is 8 parts fish food and 2 parts chicken layer. The chicken layer is a little high in calcium - 4.1. I've heard too much calcium can complicate molts and kill roaches/crickets.

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I tried fish flakes with mine...they get soggy and stink pretty bad really fast. I prefer dog food, oranges, apples, and water gel for all my roaches.

I made sure to ground it to the consistency of commercial roach chow. They seem to like it and it barely smells. Gave them an orange and a piece of banana. Even witnessed a male courting and mating with a female! Remember the fish food is pellets which are the size of dog kibble.

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