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So am I doing it Right?

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So I've had my roaches for a few days now and I want to do a touch-up and see if you guys think I'm doing everything right.

500+ dubia

20 gallon rubbermaid bin

Bark and paper towel rolls

plate of water crystals which I keep full 24/7

Fish food/chicken layer/dogfood mix as a staple. 40/10/50

Heat pad below with a 50 watt heat lamp to the side

Temperature stays 79F-90F degrees

45-60% humidity, too low or ok?

Right now I'm giving them daily fruits/scraps. Oranges and bananas are relished. Another thing, I've heard several people here feed their roaches oak leaves. Does this apply to all species of oak? Do people feed the brown, decomposing, dead leaves? Or the green ones still on the tree?

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Sounds good. You may not even need the heat pad or lamp!

Roaches definitely prefer dead leaves to live ones.

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