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Hi from Italy!


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Hello! My name si Marco, I live in Viterbo, Italy.

I breed roaches for passion, but by January I will start to breed as food for other arthropods(Mantids, Whip spiders...).

The cockroaches that breed are as follows: Therea olegrandjeani and Gromphadorhina grandidieri "Black", but by January I will start to breed: Blaptica dubia or Blatta lateralis(as food), Blaberus sp(maybe B. craniifer "Black wings"), Lucihormetica sp. and Panchlora nivea.

I also breed stick insects: Extatosoma tiaratum, Sungaya inexpectata and Periphetes forcipatus. But I want to stop their growth for a number of problems.


Sorry for my bad English, but I use an online transaltor.

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