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Small live plants

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I put a few seeds (mainly wheat from my cockatiel food) into my roach enclosure to add to the diversity of possible food items for them. The roaches of course don't eat the plants themselves, but last night I looked and saw a few of them with their heads burrowed down into the roots of the plant. It seems it wasn't a bad idea after all


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Although I've never seen wild Parcoblatta in association with plant roots, I've found Pycnoscelus surinamensis snacking on them. A contact of mine says he finds Arenivaga floridensis huddled around plant roots, too. I wonder how those taste to them...

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My hissers love eating Crassula sp. leaves and dandelion leaves and flowers. My Parcoblatta completely ignore live plants though. The Archimandrita like Sedum sp., they eat the whole plant.

I suppose it's not much of a stretch from eating a carrot slice to eating the fresh, planted roots!

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