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is this a mutant madagascar?

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I purchased a trio of madagascar hissers from a reptile store as adults.One male and 2 females.One of the females looks totally different from the others.I took some photos and I am goin to try and upload them.I have her next to the normal roaches and the difference is obvious.This female is darker in color, has a shorter pronontum and an extremely long tubular shaped body.It is not flattened like the others.Her antennae are also shorter.She is a joy to handle and an active roach and she has had 2 batches of nymphs which half look normal and half look just like her.Even as nymphs the long bodies are distinguishable from the normals.Is she a mutation? In any event, I do not want to breed for this trait.If someone would be interested in her and her nymphs, for breeding experiments or just to have something unusual I would like to re-home her and the nymphs.All I ask is that you pay shipping and wait until the weather is more suitable.


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Hissers have two "body types", one of these morphs is more rounded and less flattened than the usual body type. Your black female is probably an example of this variation. There was a thread on it a while back... You might want to do some searching! Her pregnancy might have something to do with it too.

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