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Roaches for SALE

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Posted by Just Bugs on 9/24/2004, 6:02 pm

We have the following roaches available and ready to ship:

B. craniifer (Death Head)

E. distanti (6 Spot)

Email with desired quantity for a price quote.

Also available, lobsters and hissers in any size or quantity desired! 1000 lobsters available for $50 shipped with an extremely generous over count! Producing colonies of hissers available, email for price quote on desired quantity!

-Just Bugs Staff


Link: ::Just Bugs:: - ::We will never stop buggin' you!::

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Posted by Scott on 10/10/2004, 7:32 pm, in reply to "Roaches for SALE"

I am interested in the death head roach. I am looking for about 30 or possibly more. Is a true deaths head? If possible please send me a pic and a price. Thanks for your time.



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