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Blue death feigning beetle


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I kept them on a mix of ground up wood leaves and topsoil, with some sand mixed in. I had grasses and cacti as plants. Temp was in the high 80's misted once a day and provided a water dish. The beetles were always mating but I never got any larva. I have heard that people bury carrots in the substrate to get the beetles to produce viable eggs and get larva to grow. I still keep some but they are just for display so there are no special substrates or anything. They are cool beetles.

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I've caught and kept several related species. i fed lots of root veggies and a lil dog food and i would rarely give water since there from here, Mesa, AZ. just sprayed 'em when it rained. i have not gotten any larva, but i haven't tried that buried carrot thing, but i plan to now next time i grab some.

my reptile/bug room is @ 83F. kept them on sand from outside (freeze sand, wood, etc. in the freezer for a couple of days to kill any unwanted visitors like termites.) and gave a cactus skeleton for them to hide/climb.

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