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Types of feeder roaches?


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What are some good roaches to use as feeders (regardless of the size of animals) that aren't dubia, discoids, lobsters, and lateralis? Thanks!

-Jon DeLong

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<3 You.

I'm really excited about trying out my Orangeheads (Eublaberus posticus), the nymphs are maroon, fat and meaty, appear relatively active, and I've heard some very promising things from those who have used them as feeders. They seem pretty productive too, I've heard they can reproduce nearly as fast as B. dubia and mine are reproducing pretty well already so I can believe it. They do have a mild defense odor though, I don't find it bad at all.

P. nivea, the little banana roaches make good feeders from my understanding - I know you've seen Zephyr's ad before and he has some descriptions of a few species that would likely make good feeders. In all actuality I'd wager that a good majority of the species that are attainable would make halfway decent feeders, its more a matter of how readily available they and at what expense, in addition to their reproductive rate. While a peppered roach nymph might make a decent meal for some herp or T, the time it takes for them to reach maturity and their general reproductive rate makes them a poor choice for most compared to those species you listed.

Hisser nymphs are often used, although adults generally are not due to their size and the barbs on their legs. Several other species in the Blaberus genus are also readily available and often used in addition to discoids as well (B. fusca, B. craniifer, parabolica, etc).

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B. fusca, and fusca crosses make great feeders, along with B. boliviensis among other species in the Blaberus complex.

Jon I keep Orange heads they reproduce just as fast as dubia, but do offer a slightly odor, my V. tristis, and V. similis don't seem to care much. However they do seem to need more space than dubia IE: you can keep 300+ adults and 1000's of nymph dubia in a smaller tub than you could if you had the same amount of Orange heads they also need more moisture other than this they are great feeders with the nymphs being larger than dubia as well.



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