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death head or false?

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Looks just like mine, which I'm pretty sure were pure.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought pure cranifer, had jet black wings with no other wing patter/color?



Sometimes they have that other extra marking. It varies from strain to strain. Culling individuals that have it helps keep the colony looking black, though. Also, when you take a picture of a B. craniifer the lighting affects whether that extra mark can be seen or not.

**Freshly molted individuals often have it more pronounced since they haven't hardened completely yet.

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For me it looks also like the black wing strain.

I have a picture enclosed of a pure Archimandrita tesselata culture. It is a long time ago, but since two year some of them has also the black wing morph. as you can see.

that's emaising, that without mixture a morph can dreat in a culture and make all the colour question discutable. :)

best regards


PS: I could not see my picture: who can do it for me?

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