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Hello From South Carolina


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Hello, This is Troroa from South Carolina.

My son wanted to raise Veiled Chameleons a couple of years ago and after spending so much on crickets, I took up raising roaches starting with Lobster Roaches and then adding B. dubia's.

I have been so successful with most of them that I am now raising enough of them to offer starter colonies for sale.

I also have been raising large numbers of the following species, too, and for some time, I have offered these for sale as well.

Gromphadorhina portentosa (Madagascar Hissing Cockroach),

Gromphadorhina oblongata (Wide Horned Madagascar Hissing Cockroach),

Blaberus discoidales discoid roaches,

Nauphoeta cinerea - Lobster roaches,

Blatta lateralis - Turkistan Roaches,

Blaberus boliviensis', bolivian roaches

Blaberus craniifer (True Death Head Roaches)

Blaberus fusca Dwarf Cave Roaches

and of course, lots of the Blaptica dubia - Guyana Orange Spotted Roaches

I have enough of most of them to sell starter colonies

I also have a small colony of Archimandrita tessellata (Peppered Roaches) that has just started to go through a poulation increase

If you are considering starting colonies of any of these species, you may contact me on our "owchams" account at ( gmail.com )

I have the email address account disguised to thwart automated email spammers

Thanks, Troroa

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From Troroa in South Carolina

I usually sell my B. dubia's as various sized starter colonies - 250 for $35 or 500 for $55 .

The Blaberus discoidales - discoids are $35 for a starter colony of 150 and $55 for 300 these are mixed sizes including nymphs and adults .

Blatta lateralis - Turkistan Roaches or Turkish red runners are $20 for 150. softbodied egg layers

Nauphoeta cinerea - Lobster roaches are $30 for 300+ these smallish soft bodied roaches are probably the best for feeding small babies

Blaberus fusca Dwarf Cave Roaches $20 for for 40 These are actually quite large and the older nymphs are very large.

Blaberus boliviensis', bolivian roaches $20 for 40 (smaller version of the fusca's)

Blaberus craniifer (True Death Head Roaches) These are $20 for 20

Archimandrita tesselata (Peppered Roaches) $4 per large nymph

Gromphadorhina portentosa (Madagascar Hissing Cockroach), $1 for the larger nymphs and 50 cents for the smalller nymphs

Gromphadorhina oblongata (Wide Horned Madagascar Hissing Cockroach) $4 for the larger nymphs and $1 for the smaller nymphs

I don't recommend shipping adults of the hissers or the tesselata's because no.1, they sometimes don't do well with the shipping and no. 2, one often cannot determine their age - ie. are they on the front end or are they on the tail end of their adulthood.

If you have questions, you may email me at troroa at gmail dot com. email disguised to thwart spammers

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