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Yet another mite thread..


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I've got these mites in the oddest place, they're OUTSIDE the cage and hang out on the top far (1.5ft) away from the food. I've been trying to find time to trace their location, but it's not from anywhere inside the cage as far as I can tell. There is no logical food source near their area, I've been knocking the population down with wet wipes each morning and night, as well as the vaccuum. When I get the chance to watch a little, I may have a source, but this is has me miffed. Also I think I may end up mixing a borax solution to wipe where they hang out, but I'm being super careful around the roaches. I'd try predatory mites but I don't think they'd venture from the substrate up the glass to get their prey. The food in the tank is fully consumed each night and there is not a mite anywhere near the food dish or really anywhere inside the tank. Here's a picture of the tank and the mites as best I could catch them. Any input ect is welcomed before I start insecticiding.... Thanks.



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I just found some mites that look similar to those in my A. insignis colony. I have had these guys about a month and none of the other roach colonies that I got from the same vendor have them and they are set up the same wasy with peat moss and leaves. They just tend to bother me and not the roaches. I did however find the BIGGEST brown mite I have ever seen in any of my colonies running around on my only large male. I guess I will do what I have always done and just change the substrate, enclosure and quarantine them for about a week. They have lots of ventilation and have not been too wet just damp. Any other advice would be appreciated.

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mite paper... I will have to check into that. Is the mite paper at a local store or online? I was staring blankly at the pesticide section of the store for a long time today and decided I wasn't prepared to take the risk yet. Still, these little things swarm by the hundred in the same spot every time. I wouldn't have such a problem with it if they were not sitting next to me every time I hop on the computer and were not so close to where I sleep.

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