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E. javanica, T. olegrandjeani

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Took this picture a couple days ago. Last night I was sitting in my bed and I noticed a movement out of the corner of my eye. One of the males was violently shaking his abdomen. I tried recording it because it was so neat, but whenever I had my camera on him he didn't do it. At first I thought it was a female because earlier in the night I noticed it's abdomen was pulsating. I think he was just in the mood after watching futher x]


A female molted out mature last week. I have nine others but they don't seem to be close to maturity yet =[ Maybe i'll buy a male from someone if none of mine mature.


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Pretty.... The E. javanica's colors are so brilliantly warm.

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Nice looking roaches. I just got my E. javanica about a month ago and T. olegrandjeani nymphs a few months ago. I have had T. petiveriana for a few years now and enjoy them. I am looking forward to when the question marks' mature. I think the javans are almost mature and hope to have nymphs soon.

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