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It's officially wolf season


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And by that I mean wolf spiders. :) I've already had 3 large females that needed removed this week and will likely see dozens more. I never need to hunt for them, they find me easy enough, lol.

Hogna aspersa (Lycosa) are what I'm finding...I'm pretty sure anyway...could be carolinensis but I don't think the leg banding matches those quite right. Not they are dangerous but it still unnerves me to see a 25mm+ spider run across my floor, lol.

Anyway, I'm going to collect a few and try to get some good images to post at some point. Just thought I'd share my little critter antics for the week. :D

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I picked up what looks like a penultimate female Hogna helluo yesterday. She's already taken a couple flies, very fun to watch.

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