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Posted by lloyd on 10/18/2004, 4:23 pm

one of my cockroaches appears to be having babies! this is very exciting as its the first time i've seen this (i only have 5 little discoids). anyways i figure this would be a good time to ask a few questions that have been nagging me for a while, i'll put them all in one post and hopefully someone can shed some (red?) light.

most of these i've been able to find answers but only for madagascar xroachs, not sure if or how different it is for the disco's. anywyas here goes.

1 just how much bedding/substate should be used? right now i have them in a bit less than an inch of soil i got at the pet store.

2 how can you tell the sex of the discoids? couldnt see any horns on them. i thought foot foot was a he til i saw the egg sack. in fact Foot Foot is the "he" i referred to in my earlier post as missing an antenna

3 whats the ideal temperature for these guys? 80 or so?

and finally, 4, how long do they tend to live?

thanks alot of everyone


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