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Book lice?


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So I was moving my B. discoidalis and their egg crate over to a much larger rubbermaid bin when I noticed something unusual. I found these tiny little whiteish, tannish colored bugs runing around on the egg crate. At first I freaked and thought there were termites in my house, but my neighbor (exterminator) assured me that they are way too small to be termites. I dug around for awhile online, and I am pretty sure they are book lice. I have removed the food and water crystals, and am leaving the lid off the enclosure for awhile hoping to dry them out and kill them. Does anyone have any experience with these annoying things?

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Semi desert? Like, Arizona?

I would say most places of AZ are just desert, the ones I have experience with are from Southern California in creosote scrub habitat about 50yrds away from a grove of oaks. They live on the underside of wood debris/rocks.

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