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Madagascar Hisser nymphs hiding

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I got some very small nymphs from a local trader, they're maybe 6mm - 9mm max. I put them in a new tank with bedding and stuffs, however, apart from the first few hours which I saw them running about and eating/drinking, I don't see them eat or drink anymore in last couple of days. Actually, I barely see them at all, they all just hide.

Is that normal for very young nymphs? I wonder whether they still need other larger roaches around to feel safe, since I saw pictures that they all hide under their mother's belly. I am getting a little worried.



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How to tell if a baby roach is happy:

- It's eating.

- It's hiding.

- It's eating and hiding.

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Thanks the the replies. I finally saw 2 or them coming out for food, guess they all just come out separately when they're really hungry or thirsty. Guess I would have to wait for a month or two to see them in open, when they're too big to hide under the bedding.

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A follow up on this. Although I don't see them out about often, most of them doubled in size in just about half of a month, obviously they're eating and drinking happily.

Temp: 24 - 32 (night - day)

Humidity 70% - 90%

Substrate: Kitten sand

Food: permanent presence of dog/cat food, once in a few day different kind of fruits and veggies.

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