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Dead roaches

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Re: dead roaches-TOP 10 LIST of answers

Posted by good question on 11/4/2004, 4:21 pm, in reply to "dead roaches"

10. Have you own Fear Factor challenge.

9. Make jewelry, brass coat them, use them as ear-rings or broaches... B roach (get it)

8. Great for Sound effects (line em' up & step on them) *snap crackle pop...

7. Sell them to a Chinease Restaurant as chicken.

6. Position them around your home to keep away unwelcomed guest.

5. Build caskets & bury them in the back yard.

4. Save them for Thanksgiving & chocolate coat them.

3. Have a roach puppet show.

2. Drop them in your soup at a restaurant for a free meal.

1. The trash can dude...

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