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Selling Orange Heads & Lobsters

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Posted by ww on 11/16/2004, 1:51 pm

Hey folks,

I have about 5000 lobsters that I'd like to thin out.

1000 Lobsters (Nauphoeta Cinerea) for 40.00 plus next day shipping, usu. around 20.00 dollars.

Orange Heads(Eublaberus Prosticus) 50 mixed for 40.00 plus shipping. Need to thin out about 200 OH's.

E-mail for inquiries at wlwainwright(REMOVE)@cox.net


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Posted by larry griggs on 11/19/2004, 7:17 pm, in reply to "Selling Orange Heads & Lobsters"

I need 50 Eublaberous as feeders.I let my supply run short.And my other suppler discontinued them.My email is lgriggs@surfside.net,and my phone number is 714 878-0454.Any help would be appreciated.

larry Griggs


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