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Need to confirm ID on this one, thanks


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I got a few of these as gift when i bought my hissers, I thought they were all males, because that's what the seller told me. Now they've given birth to around 15 tiny little nymphs, I want to know whether they look like pure Discoid Roach, this will help me to decide whether to start a colony or give them to my friends as feeders.


IMG_0705 by macbrush, on Flickr

On the subject of identification, while I was searching for peppered roaches locally, a seller try to sell me the following as peppered cockroach (I turned him down since he wanted US$35 for a nymph!!! :blink: ). When I told him this is not what i was looking for, he said no one has this species in Hong Kong, that's why he asked for such a high price, I sent him the links to UK and German sellers and told him to fxxk off... :D But I still want to know what he has though, I couldn't find an exact match browsing through several resources.


Thank you very much in advance



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Can you get more photos of your "discoids?" Since you're located outside the US I highly doubt that the discoids you can get are impure; the Blaberus discoidalis x Blaberus boliviensis hybrids are, unfortunately, found only in the US.

However, there is something about that individual that makes me think it is not discoidalis. In some other countries there is a species available called Blaberus sp. "Pantanal", which sort of looks like discoidalis but is bigger. Pictures of more individuals would help greatly, and next to some sort of measurement item such as a ruler would be even better.

The second roach appears to be a "Blaberus craniifer 'European/Brown Wing'" female, or one of the various Blaberus fusca, Blaberus peruvianus, and Blaberus craniifer hybrids.

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Thank you for the advice. Here are a few more pics, hopefully they will help. They're being especially difficult today, usually they're very calm... guess they know when we want them to stay still! <_<


IMG_0708 by macbrush, on Flickr


IMG_0710 by macbrush, on Flickr


IMG_0714 by macbrush, on Flickr

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