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Rhino roaches dehydration


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Ever after I switch from 3" substrate to 1/2" sand with a thick layer of plant litter on top. My rhino roaches seem drink a lot water! Even when the sand is still quite damped, and some spots where they dug trenches are actually almost flooded, I have noticed them run for water droplets on the wall of the tub when I spray, every time.

I have no idea whether they drink this much before, since I rarely see any of them with 3" substrate, they just stay burrowed all the time.

Any advice whether this is normal behaviour?



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I am going to answer my own question. ;)

Yes, they need a lot more water with no deep substrate to burrow (or just the fact that they drink a lot of water down below, we just couldn't see them doing it), bottom line is they drink a lot. If I just keep the substrate slightly damped, without anything for them to suck water from, they would need additional water source.

I solved the problem by putting a water dish in there with water crystals. Now they run away when I spray, instead of home-in for water droplets on the side. I tried keeping the bin very humid, but that just ruin the crispy plant materials I put in there too fast.

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