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Crazy survival ability?


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A few months ago I changed the container my Periplaneta australasiae were housed in. That being said I stacked the now empty critter keeper with another empty one in the corner of my studio. My studio is an unheated, uninsulated building outside my house. In the past few months we've experienced temps from 95F down to 39F. Anyway I needed some new tanks today because of my order from Zephyr and I popped the two stacked critter keepers apart. I pulled a small chunk of left over paper towel roll out of the bottom bin and out pops 5 2-3i Periplaneta australasiae! So between 3-4 months ago I must have missed an ootheca that was deposited in that tiny chunk of paper towel roll. Somehow these little guys survived without any food (other than dead siblings) or water for months, I was really blown away, they are pretty resilient.

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