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Just sharing pics of my enclosure...

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This is a 20-gallon long aquarium. I covered the glass area under the aquarium light with layers of red celophane so it glows red and doesn't seem to bother the roaches when I turn it on in the evenings to watch them. I have 2 "Magnaturals" ledges that the roaches sometimes congregate on. Other favorite areas are under and behind the cork bark pieces. 2 inches of vaseline line the top of the aquarium. Substrate is eco-earth/aspen shavings/oak leaves/peat moss/cypress bedding all mixed together (I had a hard time deciding which to use - LOL). I try to keep the humidity over 50% with regular misting and the temp is about 70-80 (one side of enclosure has a reptile mat under it).

Occupants include about 40 MHC, about 10 Peppered roaches,about 100 roly-polies (Armadillidium) from my backyard, and about 10 orange isopods (porcellio scabers).

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