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Bug Ink!


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Figured I'll toss up what I've got...Not too much for bugs, and I think I'm missing a few pictures...So I might snap them later on! Missing the picture of the Scorpion on the ball of my left shoulder


Centipede on the outside of my Right Forearm


Tribal Spider on the left Shoulder blade


Lizard on the Left Calf


Cobra on the Right Calf


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I dig the tribal spider and pede. Do you keep pedes btw; they are the one invert that I'm just not sure I could deal with. They always gave me the creeps as a kid, even now the only one I can really deal with is the wispy house centipede, lol.

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I used to keep 'pedes...I had an awesome Yellow Legged Centipede...She pushed 15"

Then, I had a chinese red headed 'pede that got loose and ended up putting my 80+lbs German Shepherd out for 2 days so the Pedes went buhbye!

Ill post pix of mine here in a bit for ya...I had some really awesome ones back in the day!


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Here are some of my 'pede's! This was a WHILE Ago when I had these guys! Now if I got one...Im pretty sure my wife would disown me! LOL


Tanzanian Yellow Leg 5"


Florida Keys Giant Centipede 6"


Another of the Florida Keys Pede


Cricket Tackle! Chinese Red Headed Pede...The one that Bit my Shepherd! 5"


Chinese Red Headed Pede 5"


Vietnamese Giant Yellow Legged Pede 15"


Another of the Vietnamese...Its Fangs


And Another...As it takes down a Pinky Mouse...


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