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Just Bugs must be out of busniness

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Posted by Winston on 11/20/2004, 3:25 pm

I paid for roaches from Just Bugs (Kenn and Josh Mease) three weeks ago.

After not shipping the first week, I got an email saying they would ship last Monday. Nope--didn't happen.

I have emailed several times and phoned and left messages. Today when I tried to call their phones had been disconnected.

I noticed that Kenn posts on this site regularly, so maybe he will contact me when he sees this post.


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Posted by Josh on 11/20/2004, 7:38 pm, in reply to "Just Bugs must be out of busniness"

My father was hospitalized this week and thus no shipments went out.

Winston, I sent you an email tonight when I got to his house and read his emails.

As far as any phones being disconnected that is certainly not true. My father's cell phone has been turned off while he is convalescing.

With over 200 shipments sent without a problem, I would surely hope that everyone can sympathize with our situation.

Josh Mease


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OK, now I feel likePeriplaneta americana

Posted by Winston on 11/20/2004, 8:13 pm, in reply to "Re: Just Bugs must be out of busniness"

When I got home this evening there was a message from your father on my machine. I called him back and he explained that his phone had been turned off and that he had been in the hospital. That is why my emails had gone unanswered and my phone messages not responded to.

After talking to Kenn I feel that I jumped to the wrong conclusion because I felt that I was being ripped off. I feel sure now that the shipment will be made. Since I made an issue of not getting them I will set the record straight and post a positive note when I do get my order.

I'm very happy that this will work out to everybody's satisfaction.

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Re: I've tried to order as well.

Posted by wALDOsLACK on 11/22/2004, 12:58 pm, in reply to "OK, now I feel likePeriplaneta americana"

I tried to place an order but reached a dead end at the pick shipping method page. There was no method to pick. I couldn't proceed with the order, then it crashed.

The other thing that happened, the site is giving me an invalid login so I'm unable to get into the site now.

I gave up after e-mailing the webmaster (showing the error) with no reply. Finially today I got a bounce back saying his server is full. So my e-mail didn't go through either.

Hope your Father pulls through. Most fortunate indeed. Perhaps this would explain some of the problems I'm having with the site. I'll keep him in my prayers...

Please e-mail me when you can, I'd like to order some B.Craniifers & Eublaberus Distanti's when things settle down with your father.




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