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Rhyparobia sp. "Malaysia" (Gold Medal Roach)


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Gotta say first off...THANKS Kyle! These are by far the most interesting roach I've seen in captivity...And yet, They get a 12+ on the "Stinky" scale LOL!

I ordered 15 of these guys from Kyle (Zephyr) And BY FAR, these are the coolest roach I've got in my "collection" though, my wife isnt too fond of the stench they give off. I haven't heard them "squeek" nor have they tried to read the "WhoFlungPoo" book to me (meaning, they haven't flicked their poop at me YET) but, I'm sure it will happen eventually!

The males seem to be EXTREMELY aggressive towards the other males, it seems like there is one male that runs the show, and the rest are lucky to get a piece of the action...IF the dominate male isn't looking! I've noticed too, every time I open up the tub they are in...The males are first to dart right to the top and try to get out...After closing it IMMEDIATELY, (mainly because of the stench, I can deal with stinky roaches LOL) the males put on a pretty impressive display! They often fan their wings up, then it looks like they are having a seizure! They vibrate, and then go attack the other males' wings in the tank, like they are trying to increase their dominance...Its wicked cool to watch!

Anyways - Here are a few pictures of these guys, No joke, they are a VERY BEAUTIFUL display roach...not sure if ya can use them as feeders or not!





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