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Reg'lar old roaches

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Posted by Candi on 11/28/2004, 12:32 am

Hi - I live in Queens NY and I've maintained a small but stable population of regular NYC roaches for a few years now. This is the first roach site I've seen but it seems as if free roaches aren't cool. Well, here's some cool facts:

1) The inside of their egg cases looks like spun gold.

2) If the egg sac is turned sideways, you can very gently move it back into alignment so birth can proceed.

3) Their begging behavior is exactly the same as dogs'. You yell at them, they run away, they creep back.

4) Food preferences seem to be meat, sweets, then everything else.

5) Babies have to learn to be afraid of humans.

6) Babies band together when they first leave the sac.

7) They will occasionally gang up on some unliked roach.

8) Occasionally a birthing roach will have another roach present for the entire process.

9) They do actually appear to use their antennae for communication (as postulated about moths in the last century).

10) You can play silly peek-a-boo games with them.

Alright - thanks for reading, if anyone actually reads this.

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