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Blaberus fusca & Blaptica dubia

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Posted by Digby Rigby on 12/5/2004, 5:12 pm


Once again I have multiple 100 lots of Blaptica dubia and Blaberus fusca. These fusca are not crosses or "light phase" deaths head roaches that have been repackaged as fusca. The light phase or crosses are different from the fusca and are narrower in appearance. The repackaged poser deaths heads that some are selling as fusca are still very good feeders however for those wanting pure true real fuscas aka Dwarf cave roaches send me an email with your name and phone number as well as your email address. Put Roaches in the subject line. All those who do not include their name and phone number will not be acknowledged.

Thank You

Digby Rigby


Link: http://exoticfeeders.com/

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