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Calendar Contest- Vote Now

Peter Clausen

2012 Calendar Voting Poll  

14 members have voted

  1. 1. Nanchantress

    • Thanks for the ride, Mom!
    • Friends With Benefits
    • Therea petiveriana
  2. 2. Cindy

    • Just Being Hissie
    • I See You!
    • Into Adulthood
  3. 3. Laura519

    • It's a Bug-Eat-Bug World
    • Shipped with Love
    • Dancin' at the Disco
  4. 4. Vfox

    • Riddler Roach
    • Blind to the World
    • Rorschach Conundrum
  5. 5. Herpetologyfrk

    • N. rhombifolia
    • P. striatus

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Important! Do not click the button that says "Show Results". You may lose your chance to vote if you select that button before voting.

It is time to vote! Even if you did not submit photos for the contest, we'd still appreciate your votes for your favorite 8 images above. You may be wondering why we need only 8 votes in the list above. This is because 4 members submitted only one photo to the contest. Orin, for example, only submitted one photo so his photo automatically gets a spot in the calendar. Please select exactly 8 photos (check 8 boxes/circles above) among the five members above. All five of these members entered multiple photos. Please give each of them a single vote and then, before you hit the Vote! button, select three additional pictures. (So, 3 of the 5 people in the poll should win two spots in the calendar.)

The best way to vote while looking at the photos is to open the link below in a new window so that you can go back and forth between this page and the photo thread's window. In most browsers you can right click on the link below and select "open in new tab, or new window".

Photo Thread: Here

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Thanks for doing all of this Peter, it's great fun to know we've been immortalized in print...or at least our roaches have, lol.

Yeah, what he said. I can't wait to hang the calendar at work :D

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Nice, we got a few more votes in. I've closed this thread.

Just waiting for one member to email the proper sized version of his winning photo. There were a handful of others that I had to resize to make them fit on the calendar properly. Plus, I found a photo from a member that must have emailed me within hours of the beginning of the contest. Daddyroach has bumped one of our duplicate photo winners, above. Sorry, Vfox, but in the interest of maximum participation your Riddler Roach won't make the calendar since only the top seven from the voting poll above will, after all. Your other photo will, of course.

Orin sent me a very special photo for the calendar cover. I won't spoil the surprise just yet though!

I expect to put a link on the forum Tuesday afternoon with the calendar review and ordering link.

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