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Marking burrowing roaches


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Dear Roach Keeper Friends,

I have a tank with 5 A. tesselata and 5 E. sp. "Ivory". 2 tesselata is already adult (2 males) and 4 ivory head is female. If the last Eublaberus nymph will be female I don't know what will I do. And an idea just popped out from my mind. Why I don't mark these roaches to monitoring the sexual diversity? They are living uderground in the whole day and when the night is coming, only 3 or 4 adults comes to the surface. I can't differentiate the specimens. My question is, how can I mark them? I thought I can to glue a little piece of paper on their pronotum with paper glue to write an ID number on it. But maybe it will fall off or it will be dirty and I can't read them. An other option is to write directly on the pronotum.

If I'll do one of these ideas, is there any harm to the cockroaches?

Thanks for the answers!


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