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Roach Chow mix and "orange juice" gel


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Hi all,

I have read all I can about creating a great roach chow recipe. I have seen yeah and nay about dog and cat food. I have seen lots of livestock feed (poultry, fish, etc.). And even more exotic feeds such as ferret food. With these also comes different contents added like oats, bee pollen, spirulina, brewer's yeast, different cereals and other stuff too.

I am raising four species of roach currently. Dubia, Discoids, Mad. Hissers and Halloween Hissers. I will be adding Turks soon. I have experimented with several types of recipes. Each one gets nibbled on but not devoured. Especially the Hissers--they seem to ignore the chows. Now, I also feed fruits and vegetables several times a week, but I am looking for a great staple that is highly desired. I have been using Purinas Game Fish pellets as my protein mixed along with Purina Layena Chicken feed too. I mix Honey Nut Cheerios and Oats along with that. The Mix is 2 cups fish food, 1 cup Chicken food, 2 cups cheerios (they take up alot of volume so 2 cups is not much) and a 1/2 cup of oats.

I am open to just about anything, though, in terms of contents. I am just wanting a great chow that is highly desired by each of my species.

In addition to the chow--has anyone every used water crystals to make a gel that is other than just plain water? I am thinking that I might try making gel from Orange Juice since oranges themselves are highly devoured by each of the species.

Thoughts on the gel with orange juice would be greatly appreciated.

Thoughts (or better yet, recipes with measurements) on the roach chow would be also greatly appreciated.

Happy Roaching!

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As far as the water crystals go; since I use my roaches as feeders (and pets!) I occasionally mix liquid vitamins in with the crystals as they absorb the water. They don't seem to mind the taste of the vitamins, so they readily drink it. Though I only add about a drop or two per 1/3 cup of water (I think). I try to keep it very dilute as I don't want to OD them on anything!

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I think the reason there are so many options for feeding roaches is that they can thrive on pretty much anything. I have heard lately that cat and dog food could harm my geckos if they get passed along, so I don't feed those. All else is fair game. I think in the last week they have had oranges, lettuce, carrots, chicken bones, bread, dry oatmeal, and powdered milk. Next week will probably be a different menu. Occasionally, I'll get them a jar of chicken and sweet potatoes baby food, they love that stuff.

My point is, I tend to believe there is no such thing as the perfect roach chow, just feed them food.

If they are just nibbling, you're feeding too much or too often. Fast them for a day, then they'll eat, I bet.

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