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Hello from the east of the Netherlands

Robbert van Til

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Hello i'm Robbert van Til, 25 years, living in Hummelo in the east of the Netherlands and i am a flower artist. In 2009/2010 i have workt in the tropical butterfly garden of the Amsterdam zoo and they surprised me with 8 diverend species of walking stickinsects if i just wanted the Peruphasma schultii (PSG270). The stick insects were so fun and interesting that I've sold my snakes and my hobby with insects and snails have expanded. Last year i bought some B. dubia in a petshop and they where so fun to see that i bought some more roaches at a terrarium exhibition.

Now i have 17 species of roaches, 14 species of stickinsects/leafinsects, 7 species of giant snails and 6 gekko's.

Here I hope to learn a lot about keeping roaches and find out if my craniifer be real.



The roaches i have:

Archimandrita tesselata

Blaberus craniifer (?) craniiferXfusca they are between 6 and 7 cm

Blaberus craniifer black wing

Blaberus giganteus

Blabtica dubia

Ergaula spec. Black giant

Ergaula capucina

Gromphadorina oblongonata

Gromphadorina portentosa

Lucihormetica subcincta

Panchlora nivea

Panchlora spec. Giant

Princisia vanwaerebecki

Princisia vanwarenbecki big

Princisia vanwarenbecki black&white

Therea bernharti

Therea olegrandjeani

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Welcome Robbert!

I have the same Blaberus hybrids as like most of the people has them in Europe. They call them to B. craniifer or Death-head roaches misname.

Happy roaching from Hungary!

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