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Rhino roach food


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Well, the story is like that, I broke my left ankle on 1/1 in a motorbike race, spent 12 days in hospital and have been resting home since then. I asked my brother and dad to take care of my pets while I was in hospital, but that's only so much they would do, and incidentally, i didn't have anything fresh food left (was planning to go collecting after new year holiday), so instructed them to feed my Rhino roaches with a mix of dried grass/hay, crushed tortoise food pellets, and sometimes with small pinch of finely crushed Eucalyptus torelliana to stimulate them to feed.

When I came home for resting, obviously with a broken ankle, I couldn't go very far and was stuck with that feeding regiment. Now its has been over a month, and to my surprise, my Rhino roaches not only survived, but they seriously grew. The bigger ones would stay emerged all day, and every time I feed, they literally eat like hungry tropical fish.

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Those are Eucalyptus torelliana leaves i ordered from DD awhile back, I have a pound of them, and now since I don't use them as main food, they probably going to last forever... LOL

And yeah, they love the hay and grass, but only the very dried ones, they ignored the stems and greener ones.

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