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Hello all,

My name is Ed, I've kept hissers and Giant African milli's in the past and have recently rediscovered my buggy passion. I've always loved animals and have kept many diff species, with a focus on those kept in aquaria/vivaria...I used to keep many types of fur and feather bearing (read dander bearing) pets as well, but my asthma will no longer allow that. I currently breed hybrid cichlids...basically a variation of flowerhorn.

Alas now it seems I've lost my heart to Therea & Panchlora. I've yet to purchase any as I'd like to educate myself a bit more and have enclosures in place/up to temp before I do that.

Show off pics unrelated to bugs.

my diy overflow/sump soft coral system, now converted to a boggy stream paludarium. I actually need to update this pic...it doesn't look like quite this anymore.


my (fertile) strain of hybrid short body green texas...in most strains of sb green texas males are not fertile...


SB/GT male in full breeding dress.


absolutely love this girl, even though I didn't spawn her...her father was a lovely Vieja synspila, the mother a king kong parrot fish.


her mate, Paratheraps bifasciatus..various1149.jpg

And last, but certainly not least, my most beloved pet of all. My boy Bailey...



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