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Housing L. subcincta and B. Craniifer together?

Landy Tomiln

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I am a soon-to-be new roach owner of L. subcincta and B. craniifer couples (4 total). I had originally planned to house them separately, but can't find the second tank that I had. Would it be fine to house them together in a 1 gallon tank? Or should I buy another tank?


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I've never saw a 1 gallon tank - becouse I live in Middle-Europe and the measures are different then US - but I changed the measures to liters and I think 1 gallon would be too small, isn't it?

Btw, unfortunately I've nevert kept these species so I cant't tell you more information about them. Check their habitats and living area and compare the species. Maybe you can find some useful information what you can share. :D


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I've never kept L. subcincta before but I have my B. craniifer in a communal tank with peppereds and giganteus. They are doing fine but I need to separate them shortly to increase/start the breeding. Most don't do well with crowded containers. They won't die, but they may not breed well, or at all for you. Until you get another tank however, I see no issue.

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