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Eublaberus ID

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Dear Roachkeepers,

Months ago I have bought 5 Eublaberus sp. specimen as distanti. When 4 specimen have moulted to adult I show them to Zephyr, who said they looks like E. sp. 'Ivory'. But now at the latest Terraplaza in my country some of my roach interested friends have bought Eublaberus from the same guy. The first nymphs has moulted some days ago to adult but they definitely looks like E. distanti. The guy who is selling them told us that, they are distantis and he never heard about any other Eublaberus species. Now I'm totally confused. I've took some pictures about them and asked one friend to send me a picture about one of her roach.

Can you show me the way out of the maze?


Here is the pictures:

My female 1


My female 2


My female 3


My male 1


My male 2


Friend's male



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