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Roaches not eating?


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It seems like my dubia roaches are not eating...there in a dark bin egg crates all the ay around each side....food in the middle on small tupperware tops...the enclosure is 95-98 degrees.....any ideas why they aren't eating? Or are they eating little amounts and can't tell?

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I have been keeping mine outside the last three nights and there are still producing females showing oothecae. I feed mine the stuff that Rebecca (Hibiscusmile) from Mantisplace sent to me to try. Within a few seconds of it being sprinkled over their bedding area, they are there scarfing it up. They also take the left over cricket food that is made by Fukers. I have to be careful not to mis-spell that name and get banned from this forum. Within a few minutes my Dubias take to apple slices or just a meaty apple core when I am done with my Apple snack.

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