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Roach question

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Posted by Andy on 1/1/2005, 1:57 am


I live in an apartment and have lived here for 4 years. Within the past 2 or 3 months I have begun to see (and kill) some bugs that I initially thought were roaches. I am no expert so I thought I would ask for some assistance.

Here is what I know:

I have caught these bugs in tha day and night. They have been litterally in the kitchen when I was there just inches away from me.

I have killed about 8-10 in the past 2 months.

They all seem to be coming from the same area.

I followed one and it seemed confused, just wandered around the ceiling for a bit.

I have killed some in the living room but most in kitchen/laundry room.

Would roaches come out like this?

Could they be from another's apartment?

What should I do?

I live in central Ohio. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am very clean.


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Posted by john on 1/20/2005, 11:23 pm, in reply to "Roach question"

Well i can tell you they are most likely coming from anothers apt, the best thing to do is to remove pets, i found home defense to work great spray the floor in corners all the way around dont miss anything saturate, also these things love to get into your computer monitor ect... this stuff will kill on contact and continue for 6 months, also if you live where its cold put your computer out side ive seen these things die in below freezing conditions, if their is an apt connected to yours call the helth dept. hope this will help.


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