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Dubia rainbow

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That is true but adults vary in color so part is genetics too.

OR it is environmental. P. surinamensis is a parthenogenetic species that has both dark and light adults, so the same environmental/epigenetic factors that apply to those could also be at work on B. dubia.

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I also have a Dubia colony of about a hundred. It is a learning process for me to tell the sexes apart before Adult. I still cannot do it. If the wing buds of the male are present in the sudadult, then in the molt to adult are full scale wings (which they are), it makes it so that characteristic cannot be used to sex them. I do not know, but I will see if there is any difference in the abdominal segment count from one sex to the other at a given instar. This might be the way. Also: In looking closely at the pic that you have posted, with regard to the two larger nymphs, there may be a difference in that one is quite a but larger at the posterior portion of the abdomen. The female may have a wider rear area than does the male. Check it out. See if you see this.

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