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Posted by CHRIS on 1/18/2005, 6:35 pm, in reply to "Contact in the UK"

Hi Mark, i'm in worcester west midlands, started off with roaches about 10 years ago , as food for other inverts mainly spiders , still use them as food but i do find them fascinating , i have a few species that i don't feed off , and am currently culturing a species yet identified to me and several other people anyway , Its a Deropeltis species but that's as far as i've got , real cracker , from namibia it's overall black with orange markings stocky build , males are more slender and winged , eggcase layer , and the nymphs are half orange half black , glass climber .

Any idea ? Anyway get in touch maybe you have some interesting species for trade , give me a shout , all the best Chris.


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