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Average death rate for B.giganteus?

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I started my B.giganteus colony from two individuals summer of 2010.

I had nymps within a few months, starting in a 10 gallon aquarium, and then I moved them up to a 40gallon aquarium with some G.portentosa, and H.tenebrisoca.

I've been experiencing periodic die-offs, usually a handful adults every few months. Does this seem average? I used to have a carpet of adult giganteus, and I wonder if I'm just seeing a generation die-off, and being replaced slowly, or if maybe the portentosa are predating on them? I usually find just wings, legs, and maybe antenna, no heads or abdomens.

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I think they die of old age and then get scavenged by the live ones who start with the softest parts first :D

My theory as well, I just remember hearing they have lifespans of about a year and a half..but then, I got the progenitors in summer of 2010..

I guess I hadn't sat down and though about how long I've actually had them until just now!

I would guess everything is fine then!

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